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Back-To-School Transitions

by | Aug 20, 2019 | 2019, Blog, Community, Newspaper Column, Parenting Programs, Tidy Trims

Have you noticed that emotions can run a little ragged in the family during the last couple of weeks before school starts?


Transitions can be stressful. Moving. Starting a new job. Having a baby. Getting up in the morning. Starting the new school year can also be a stressful time- and not just for the student but also the parents and caregivers.

What am I going to wear? Will I like the teacher? Will I be bullied? Who will sit next to me? Will the work be too hard for me? Will I be bored? Will I embarrass myself? Oh, the list can go on and on. Many of us had those very same concerns (and, if we are honest, we still do when entering new situations.)

Have you noticed that emotions can run a little ragged in the family during the last couple of weeks before school starts?

The incoming middle school student has a whole new school to worry about. Where is the bathroom? What if I get lost on the first day? Will I know anyone in my new class? Going from the elementary school to the middle school means switching from being one of the oldest students in school to being the youngest. Different buses, different start times. The kids aren’t the only ones concerned about this transition.

Freshman in high school have their own challenges. The upper classmen have a persona that exhibits indifference and makes you think it is no big deal to start a new year. Freshman have to navigate a new building, a confusing maze of hallways jammed with lots of people, tight schedules, and top it all off with raging hormones. How many adults would love to return to freshman year of high school?? Enough said.

The kindergarten kids have a refreshing attitude. For the most part, they are ready. They are beyond ready. This is what Big Kids do- they go to school. They are excited about getting the backpack, the pencils, new sneakers. Our youngest was so excited to start kindergarten. When I went to check in on her before I went to bed, I found her sound asleep with her outfit for the first day of school carefully laid out on the floor beside the bed. She was ready.

It is time once again for the back to school transition. Next week the buses will be on the road, picking up teenagers who haven’t seen these early hours for a couple of months. Teachers are already at the schools sprucing up their classrooms, counting out the supplies, readying the lesson plans.

It is also time for The River Center’s 9th Tidy Trims Day on Monday, August 26. Many local hair stylists and barbers volunteer their time to provide free back to school haircuts for families that find it a hardship to cover back to school costs. If your family or someone you know, could benefit from this service, please contact The River Center at 924-6800, or look us up on Haircuts will be on a first come first serve basis.

Once your kids have their new haircuts, it is time for parents and caregivers to consider how to lessen stress. The week of September 9, we will begin weekly parenting groups for parents and caregivers of all age children. Take a look at our website or give us a call for more information. Take a deep breath. Parenting can be stressful, but our parent educators can help you navigate the growing up years with more confidence and joy.

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