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Conversations: Meet Heather, A Happy Tax Filer

by | Jun 10, 2019 | 2019, Blog

Happy tax filer

Heather is a tax filer who reached out to us in February after she had her tax return prepared at our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance site.

How did you hear about The River Center’s free tax prep program?

Through the Keene Public Library.

How long have you been coming to have your taxes done here?

5 years

When you think of doing your taxes, how do you feel about it?

AWESOME! The River Center makes the whole process friendly and not scary.

Tell us about your experience in our VITA program.

I got lost and Janine was very patient and kind on the phone when I called to say I was going to be late and VERY reassuring. She told me to “take my time” when I found myself completely frazzled. I showed up 30 min. late for my appointment and she was kind enough to come into the living room, where I sat, and help me with any questions that I had on the confusing paper I needed to fill out. I loved her energy!

Geoff and Fran both wore striped shirts and I began our interaction with pointing out that I must have “missed the stripe memo” as I didn’t have stripes on. They were patient and clear and calm and professional. I loved the story Fran told me as well.

What did you think of the volunteers who prepared your taxes? 

AMAZING! They looked like twins both wearing striped shirts that day….

What do you wish people knew about our tax program?

It is FREE and available! Free things “go away” when not “used”. Take advantage!!

Do you feel that this tax program is a benefit to the community and if so, what do you think it brings to the table for people? If not, what do you think could be done differently?

Definitely benefit. I am a single Mom, I don’t itemize and I can’t afford the $200 fee [elsewhere] just so a computer program can do 90% of the work…

If you plan on coming back here, what draws you here vs going elsewhere?

FREE and friendly atmosphere.  I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!  I tell everyone about you guys!

Consider us during the statewide 24 hours of giving event, NH Gives so that we may continue to support people like Heather in our Money Matters program which includes Money Coaching and Free Tax Prep.

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