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EITC Awareness Day 2019

by | Jan 25, 2019 | 2019, Blog

The EITC or Earned Income Tax Credit is a benefit designed for working people to get ahead. It reduces the tax you owe and may even give you a refund.

One out of every 5 workers in the US who is eligible to claim the EITC, does not. While the EITC amount is dependent on a number of factors, in NH the average for **EITC claimants in 2018 was $1,986, but 21.6% of eligible taxpayers did not claim this credit so $24,485,061 went unclaimed! This is money that could be used to make home improvements, pay down bills or other expenses or used to kickstart savings. The IRS encourages anyone with earnings of $54,884 or less to see if they qualify using the EITC Assistant or you can visit or call us at the contact information below.

We at The River Center's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program have a crew of dedicated IRS-CERTIFIED volunteers who are passionate about helping people with incomes of up to about $60,000 in our community keep more of their hard-earned money and access those credits such as the EITC for which they are eligible. For the families and individuals who qualify for the program, this tax preparation service and e-filing is completely FREE. We can also help you split your refund into up to 3 different ways - paper check, checking, savings if you bring your banking info to your appointment. Discuss your options with us.

Call us at (603) 924-6800 or email your phone number to to make an appointment with us. Let us help you.


**Also, The law requires the IRS to hold the tax refund in order to review the claims before releasing the funds. The IRS expects the first of these refunds to be available starting Feb. 27. See

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