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Each day we lose more daylight hours and the temperature is on a steady decline. The COVID numbers are rising as are our fuel bills. We look at the calendar and wonder what the holidays will look like this year? Will we be able to see Uncle Charlie or cuddle the new baby?

I am determined to be grateful once again.  Let me tell why I am grateful and encouraged. Let me tell you about bulbs and babies and other amazing things.

Grateful for the Important Milestones 

Let me tell you about The River Center. Some of you know that ten years ago, the Boards of two organizations, The Family Center of Greater Peterborough and The River Center Community Resource Center, decided to merge and become The River Center Family and Community Resource Center. For a decade this organization has been focused on strengthening the individuals and families of this region.

The members of our Advisory Council were asked how they first become acquainted with The River Center. Some told of being young parents in the 1990’s and attending parenting classes with Bonnie Harris at the Parent Guidance Center. Others told of connecting with parents through The Family Center. Others had stories of Families and Communities Together. All these organizations are part of the history of The River Center. Stretching beyond these ten years, the mission of supporting parents in our region has effected many parents, grandparents, caregivers for three decades. I am grateful to Bonnie Harris for having the inspiration, the knowledge, and the drive to create a parenting resource for all parents and caregivers back in 1990. And I am grateful that Bonnie is still facilitating parenting classes and supporting parents through The River Center, her column in the Monadnock Ledger Transcript, her podcast, and Connective Parenting.

Grateful for the People that Make It Happen

I am grateful for the staff of The River Center. For Shannon, Nisa, Sue, Nicole, Kelli, Mackenzie, Mandy, and Bonnie. These dedicated and talented women make the programs and services of The River Center happen. Parenting classes, groups for little ones, one on one parenting support, kinship support, babysitting classes, groups for teens, money coaching, tax preparation, referral to needed resources, crafts for kids. They have accepted the challenges of COVID and adapted these programs and services to continue to serve and support families and individuals. Drive through taxes, Zoom groups, socially distanced meet-ups in the park, video chats, meeting over the phone, film discussions via Zoom. The response to the challenges of COVID have always been how do we do this, never that we can’t do this.

I am grateful for the Board of The River Center. Steve, Laura, Mandy, Amy, Sue, Kristen, Paddy and Doug. They share their expertise, their wisdom, and take their responsibility for this organization seriously. They are supportive and engaged and a pleasure to work for and with. Thank you all for your committed volunteer work on behalf of staff, volunteers and participants of The River Center.

Grateful for YOU

I am grateful for the spring bulbs my husband planted this fall. I am grateful for my new granddaughter and look forward to the time when I will be able to hold her. I am grateful for internet service (!!). I am grateful for this community’s support of The River Center. Your financial support of The River Center enables us to support our community. Thank you!

Margaret Nelson, Executive Director, The River Center Family and Community Resource Center 924-6800

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