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Kinship Navigation

What is Kinship Navigation?

The Kinship Navigation Program is free, voluntary, and open to grandparents and other relative caregivers who are raising a child/children in the absence of the child/children’s biological parents.

What is the purpose of Kinship Navigation?

Kinship navigator programs offer information, referral, and follow-up services to grandparents and other relatives raising children to link them to the benefits and services that they or the children need. These services aim to promote independence and enhance the well-being of the families they serve.

What does the program look like for participants?

One of the most important things to consider is that what the Kinship Program looks like to one family will look completely different to another family.

What topics are covered in the program?

  • Understanding various community supports and services specific to their family’s needs.
  • Accessing supports by guiding families through benefits & eligibility applications.
  • Providing emotional support to kinship caregivers in times of need.
  • Advocacy for both kinship caregivers and children as they navigate a complex network of programs and benefits.

How do you sign up for the program?

Kinship Navigators and services are community-based and easy to access through The River center by contacting Mandy Carter via email or phone (603) 924-6800 ext 10.


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