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Let’s Work Together

by | Apr 17, 2018 | 2018

Working together. Teamwork. Collaboration. We all know that a lot can be accomplished when we work together successfully. I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the wonderful things happening in our community through collaborations- in particular, collaborations that The River Center is privileged to be of.

Six years ago, we began a wonderful collaboration with Shelter from the Storm in Jaffrey. Our two organizations share the cost of bringing a parenting class to Jaffrey every Friday morning. The River Center provides the staffing and facilitates the group, the United Church of Jaffrey provides the space, the Shelter shares the funding. Our Jaffrey parents can walk to the group, they are getting to know their neighbors, and the Shelter can encourage their guests to participate.

The group for grandparents who are parenting their grandchildren is run as a collaboration between The Grapevine and The River Center, both family and community resources, both focused on supporting individuals and families in our region. Co-leading this group has brought increased resources and expertise to the group as well as statewide attention to this growing family issue.

The River Center organizes The Eastern Monadnock Provider Network each month. Scott-Farrar Home has been our gracious host for these meetings. It has become a source of information and awareness about the community resources in our region for our local community volunteers and agencies. You will find a food pantry volunteer from one town sitting next to a welfare director from another town. Social workers, nurses, case managers, bookkeepers all come to hear about resources available in our towns. How do we help folks apply for food stamps? What is our community doing about substance misuse, recovery, and treatment? Is there any place to send a couple for help in organizing their finances? The common denominator in this group is that everyone is helping people in our community in some way. Together, we are learning about the resources available so we can make connections needed for our neighbors.

Many collaborations occur daily at The River Center. Monadnock Area Transitional Shelter has an office at The River Center every Tuesday. Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention has an advocate in our office on Mondays. Southern NH Services’ Fuel Assistance Office is also housed at The River Center. We refer to many, many services throughout the region on a regular basis and many referrals are made to The River Center as well.

Joyce from The Cornucopia Project helps us plan an above ground planter for our play yard. I can count on Ellen from Community Volunteer Transportation Company to be willing to carpool to just about any event we attend. The hospital is always willing to offer space for meetings like our home visiting community of practice. Mary from the Peterborough Town Library has fashioned the library’s computer literacy classes to benefit job seekers that come to The River Center. Other libraries have welcomed our job seeker workshops. The Recreation Departments from Jaffrey and Rindge have brought our staff in to provide the Safe Sitter class. This just names a few of the many organizations we work with to provide services.

Monadnock United Way, through the Impact Monadnock initiative, invited The River Center, The Grapevine, HCS Home Health and Hospice, and Rise for baby and family to be part of the home visiting collaborative, a pilot project initiated 1 ½ years ago. Today, the collaborative is known as the Monadnock Home Visiting Alliance. We are working together to support more families through high quality intensive home visiting throughout the Monadnock Region. Following this model, more collaboratives are forming through Monadnock United Way.

I can’t begin to include all the wonderful organizations, volunteers, businesses, and donors that collaborate with The River Center to help us support our community members. We are so grateful to work together with each and every one. Thank you!
Working together we can achieve much. I encourage you to explore this topic more this evening. The Community Conversation at the Monadnock Center for History and Culture will be Nonprofit Collaborations, beginning at 7:00pm.

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