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“Nothing Can Be Done Without Hope & Confidence”

by | Mar 7, 2017 | 2017, Archived Posts

Confidence. What part does confidence play in our success in life? Helen Keller says that “Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

At The River Center, confidence is a core goal for the individuals and the families that we work with. Helping someone feel more confident can affect their outlook on life, their ability to see themselves as successful, even the joy they experience.

What do I mean? When Kelli, our home visitor, works with young moms in the home visiting program, she helps them build confidence in their ability to mother this tiny human that has just joined her life. Kelli shares with her the developmental stages she can expect her baby to progress through. What does all this crying mean? Did I do something wrong- is that why my baby is crying? Learning that every newborn cries and that is just how they communicate with you, that builds confidence. When she cries I can check her diaper, feed her, pick her up and love her. I am a good mother. When we know what to expect and what to do we feel equipped, ready, and confident to deal with the next fussy time with baby.

There are few things in life that shake our confidence more than job hunting. First you apply. Then you wait. Usually, you hear nothing. If you are extremely fortunate, you will be asked to come in for an interview. And then you wait. And you may hear nothing, even then. Of course the rejection letters or emails don’t do much for your confidence either. The name ‘rejection’ says it all. When Laura, our employment specialist, meets with someone who is unemployed she talks with them about their skills, their accomplishments, work that they have enjoyed. As they reflect on their positive work experiences and the work they can do, confidence builds. You can almost visibly see the difference in posture as a person walks in to meet with Laura and when they leave. They stand taller and walk more confidently. Being confident is huge when you go in for that interview.

Another place where confidence or lack thereof shows up is our finances. Oh dear. Some of us really stink at our personal finances. Unpaid bills, chaotic non-systems, expenses that are miserably out of sync with the reality of our income – all whittle away at our confidence. We are financial failures. Hopeless. But, there is hope. Did you know that you can get your taxes done for free at The River Center? This program for low and moderate income households is run by a team of wonderful, trained volunteers with Larry Schwartz coordinating the program. Many come disheartened, lacking confidence in their ability to pay what they think will be a large tax bill. Most leave with money coming back to them. They have hope. They are more confident. We also have volunteer money coaches available each week to help you get that chaotic bill paying system in order. You can live within your income. You can be confident that your bank account will cover your check.

We can help.

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