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Parenting Programs – What’s In It For Me?

by | Sep 19, 2018 | 2018

Have you ever been so frustrated with your toddler that you locked yourself in the bathroom just to give yourself time to calm down? Have you ever wished you could grab back those mean words directed at your teen? Have you ever thought you were the worst parent ever?
I answered yes to all three questions- how about you? Parenting places us all on common ground. It doesn’t matter how much education you have, what your household income is, or the size of your house. It is a tough job. We love our kids, but darn it all, they can really get us mad. And frustrated. And at our wits’ end! Aren’t we supposed to just slide into this job and innately know what to do?

Well, I have good news for you. At The River Center we have a variety of ways to support parents, grandparents, and caregivers of any age child. If you are raising teens or tweens, you can join our parent group with Bonnie Harris on Tuesdays from noon to 2:00. Bonnie is the founder of the Parent Guidance Center which is now known as The River Center Family and Community Resource Center. She knows the struggles that parents experience and offers solid guidance to navigate the challenges parents face. And, you get the support and collective wisdom of other parents in the group.

Bonnie is also leading a group called, Mastering the Art of Balanced Parenting which addresses questions like, ‘What about me? Do I really need to let my kids walk all over me? How can I get what I want and still raise healthy kids? The balance of needs of both you and your children is essential for living in a family that get along and actually enjoys being together. In this 8 week class, parents will learn what is realistic to expect of both yourself and your kids. Strategies are discussed to help your kids learn problem solving skills that teach consideration, respect and responsibility. This class begins Tuesday, September 18 and runs for eight weeks from 9:30-11:30.

As a mom of young children, I needed regular time with grown-ups. I looked forward to playgroups and story times. My girls got to play with other children their age and I got visit with women who have become my dear friends. I highly recommend joining Playtime with Kelli, a playtime for parents or caregivers and their 0-5 year olds that runs every Wednesday morning beginning the 19th, from 9:30-11:30. Or, join the Farm to Table program with Kelli and UNH Extension nutritionist, Christine Parshal, on Thursday mornings. They are exploring low cost recipes and strategies to feed your family yummy foods. Every Friday Kelli runs a parent group in Jaffrey. Bring your little ones, get to know other parents, be encouraged in your parenting, and join the fun!

Not everyone can come to a group during the day. Join us for our evening programs. October 9, Bonnie Harris will talk about “When Do I Draw the Line? I Am the Parent After All.” Have you ever asked yourself that question? Come and hear what Bonnie has to say, discuss with other parents and walk away with a plan.

On October 23, we are excited to welcome Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure, How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed. I have read the book and she makes a ton of sense. We learn so much through failures- large and small. She gently addresses the down side of over protecting our children and robbing them of opportunities to figure it out themselves. I urge you to come- parents, grandparents, caregivers, educators, or anyone who has ever wondered how to redeem their failures!

Sick of feeling like a failure at your parenting job? Join us for one (or more) of our programs this fall. To register, go to; visit us at 9 Vose Farm Rd Suite 115 in Peterborough, email or call 924-6800. You and your kids will be glad you did.

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