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Wellness Expands to All Areas of Our Lives

by | Sep 19, 2017 | 2017, Archived Posts

This past week The River Center has been part of two wellness events- one for employees of NHBB and then the Monadnock Rotary’s annual Wellness Festival. Businesses focused on fitness, nutrition, health insurance and physical health are all there.

It is curious that The River Center would be asked to be part of a wellness event. Or is it? What is wellness anyway? The dictionary defines wellness as the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Wellness is something you are intentional about. You make decisions to serve nutritious food to your family. You try to get outdoors and take a walk regularly. You quit smoking, use a seat belt. In short, you take care of yourself. Good health involves the whole person- mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Here is an interesting factoid. Apparently the word wellness was almost never used until about 1970 and has gradually increased in use to 2017, where everyone uses the term wellness – almost on a daily basis. We take our kids for wellness checks instead of annual physicals. We join the Wellness Center instead of joining the gym. We monitor our wellness by checking our Fit Bit.

How does The River Center fit into your family’s wellness plan? If you are in daily conflict with your teen, your wellness as a person and as a family is at risk. Conflict produces stress. Stress over a prolonged period of time will bring on headaches, ulcers, and other physical distress not to mention emotional pain. Perhaps Bonnie Harris’ group for parents of teens and tweens could help with your wellness plan. Together with other parents you can learn strategies to ease stressful relationships and improve communication with your teen.

Feeding your family nutritious and affordable meals is another wellness focus. The Farm to Table program brings parents and their children together to harvest and prepare foods that everyone enjoys. Last week they made pesto but sadly, there were no leftovers. Sigh.

Money issues can ruin our sense of well-being. Figuring out how to stretch limited income to meet expenses can cause stress and worry. Sitting down with one of our money coaches just might lift the worry load off your shoulders. Getting the numbers down on paper helps. A money coach can help you identify where you can cut corners or how you can access financial assistance programs that can help you through tough times.

Our wellness program helped the woman who lost her job unexpectedly. She came to The River Center for help with her job search and cried for close to an hour. They talked about her skills and strengths and how to start her job search. She left with a glimmer of hope, a confidence boost, and the courage to take the next step in finding employment.

Now if it is physical exercise you are wanting, we can help you with that. Did you know that we have a wood bank at The River Center? Volunteers cut, split, stack and deliver firewood to homes in our community. Let us know if you would like to volunteer.

So, I submit that wellness is more than a physical fitness program. Wellness is more than a balanced diet. Wellness involves caring for yourself, your family and your community. Why don’t you check out how The River Center can help you with your wellness plan this fall? Contact us at or 924-6800.

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