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What Do You Celebrate?

by | Dec 17, 2019 | 2019, Blog, Holidays

I wish I could remember who asked me that question. It was many years ago now but it made a profound difference to my approach to work and life.

When I was asked ‘what do I celebrate?’ I couldn’t answer the question. It shocked me to realize that I couldn’t think of anything to celebrate. I decided right then and there things were going to change.

I set about to actively look for celebratory moments at The River Center. I started including an agenda item at the beginning of the staff meetings for a time for celebration. I asked the staff to think of something to celebrate since the last meeting. It didn’t have to be a huge, life-changing event. Maybe a hug from a child or an Ah-ha moment in a parenting class. It could be a happy story from our own families or an achievement made by one of the families we serve. A hard won victory over a technology issue is definitely considered a cause for celebration.

As a result, we are encouraged by listening to each other’s celebration moments. We start to look for things to bring to our meeting that we are celebrating. Instead of looking at what isn’t working, we see what is working. It worked so well with the staff that a moment of celebration was added to the Board agenda.

December is a season for celebrations. We celebrate the first snow. We celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. We celebrate New Year’s Eve as we reflect over the past year and New Year’s Day as we look forward to the coming year. We celebrate the winter solstice. Now that is truly an example of searching for the positive in an otherwise dark day. We literally turn the darkest day of the year into a cause for celebration.

There are so many ways to celebrate all through the year. Celebrating firsts can include moments such as the baby’s first steps, the child’s first lose tooth, the first jump in the lake for the season, or the first ride in the new car. We celebrate finally finishing and submitting our tax return. We celebrate a quiet night in front of the fire.

So, let’s consider this question of ‘What do I celebrate?’ Do we have celebrations that are personal? Simple? Everyday? Celebrating that first cup of coffee in the morning. Celebrating the feel of a new pair of shoes. Celebrating the joy of being with our family.

As we enter into the darkest days of the year, let us consider how to increase the celebratory moments in our home, our work, and our life. Think about what is working, what brings joy, moments that bring a smile. And celebrate- talk about it, dance a spontaneous happy jig, light a candle, belt out the words to ‘Let It Snow’. Celebrate in your own unique way. Just celebrate!

The staff, Board and volunteers of The River Center Family and Community Resource Center wish everyone in our community a very Happy Holiday and filled with many celebratory moments!

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