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What do you do for work?

by | Jul 12, 2017 | 2017, Archived Posts

What do you do for work? This question is often asked at casual get-togethers when we are trying to get acquainted with someone we don’t know. This question can be fun to answer if you love your work. It can be awful if you: 1.) hate your job; 2.) don’t have a job; 3.) are embarrassed of your job; or 4.) are a stay at home mom or dad that feels apologetic for making that choice.

If you love your job, that is a wonderful thing. Doing work that uses your unique skills and motivates you to do your best is indeed the all American dream. If you are a stay at home mom or dad, do not apologize for making that choice. You have a very important job that will all too soon be done. Enjoy the moments!

Unfortunately, many people find themselves stuck in jobs they don’t like. They actually hate their jobs, but stay because the pay is good, they have health insurance, they don’t know what else they would do, or they don’t know how to begin the process of getting a different job.

Did you know that we have an Employment Resource Center at The River Center? Our Employment Specialist, Laura Sebert, is here to help in the job search. There are lots of reasons why you could benefit from meeting with Laura.

If the last time you looked for work was during the Bush Administration (either one), you need to meet with Laura. The job search process has changed considerably in the last few decades. She can get you caught up with the current methods for getting a job, spiff up your resume, show you how on-line job listings work, and give you hope.

You could also benefit from our Employment Resource Center if there are embarrassing blanks in your job history. Being fired, leaving without notice, addiction issues that impacted your quality of work, these can compromise your ability to find another job. How do you explain the loss of the last job? What do you say about your 6 weeks in recovery? Why did you walk off your job? Will you do it again? Laura will help you address the reality of your job history and your plan for getting it right this next time.

We can help you if you don’t know what kind of job you would like. There are many choices for employment. Do you want to be at a desk? At a machine? Creative? Methodical? With people? Alone? Computers? Outdoors? Intellectually challenging? Physically challenging? The choices can be overwhelming. Laura will help you think of your past successes and the kind of work and activities that energize you. Finding a job that fits you makes all the difference in the world.

You may be in a job you love but it just doesn’t pay enough to cover your family’s financial needs. You don’t want to leave your job, but you really need to find something that pays more. You wonder if you will ever find a job you like as much. Laura can help you explore your options. What other jobs are available that are similar to what you love to do? Do you really need to leave your current job? Would you be able to talk with your employer about increasing your hours or increasing your responsibility and your pay? It helps to talk with someone who can help you think creatively about your options.

Most everyone reading this column knows someone who is in the job market. Please tell them about our Employment Resource Center. It’s a free service for anyone in the community who is looking for work. 

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