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What Is The River Center?

by | Jun 12, 2019 | 2019, Blog

People ask, “What is The River Center?”
Here’s my answer:

The River Center is about playtime with parents and their little ones. Visiting local farms with other families. Parents of teens and tweens brainstorming creative solutions to smooth out strained relationships. New parents facing sleepless nights and the challenges of caring for newborns. Attending a film or listening to a author/speaker  on parenting issues. Getting answers to questions every parent faces. Knowing that you are not alone.

The River Center is a place to go to get a tax return completed by IRS certified volunteers. A place to meet with a money coach to demystify household finances and make a plan to reduce debt.

It is a place to go when you don’t know where else to turn: facing eviction; applying for food assistance; seeking help for a neighbor.

The River Center is a family and community resource center- a place where individuals and families can get connected with services and programs that they need to thrive. The River Center is here for you, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, our community.

Consider us during the statewide 24 hours of giving event, NH Gives so that we may continue to support individuals and families with our programs. Strong families = strong communities!

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